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The captivating city of Lucknow, its benevolent King and his warrior Queen, a modern-day club with its fun kids, an American tourist, a mysteriours girl and an arbiter from Chennai - all connected across times by on thing: Chess.

2. Zih-e-Lucknow# - Chess Novella

₹700.00 Regular Price
₹400.00Sale Price
  • P N Naveen Karthikeyan

    The writer is an engineer and FIDE arbiter involved in organising chess tournaments, training children and young adults, and playing himself. As a polyglot, he speaks five languages. His research interest includes sports psychology and sports medicine. He is an avid reader of philosophy and world literature. 

  • Reading Age - For everyone!!!!

    ISBN - 9789356489998

    Publisher - Clever Fox Publishing

    Language - English

    Binding - Paperback

    Book length - 316 pages

    Book dimensions - 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

    Shipping - Free shipping throughout India

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