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Note: This book is for the age group +16


1. Leila# (written with the symbol of checkmate) is the story of a chess grandmaster as she travels across the world playing chess and trying to find meaning in life. Love keeps knocking at her door. She analyses how love may be connected to marriage as much as the chess variations she studies. She tries to navigate life through surviving a plane-landing gone wrong, running away to a monastery, the high-fashion catwalks to teaching at a university and more. The characters she meets include top Grandmasters, a mysterious woman, monks, politicians and fraudsters. She explores, around the world, churches, mosques, temples and cuisine. A parallel narrative explores how 11th World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer, sparked a chess craze and then walked away to become a recluse. Read 1. Leila#, along with 64 chess studies, to know if she finds true love.

1. Leila# - Chess Novella

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  • P N Naveen Karthikeyan

    The writer is an engineer and FIDE arbiter involved in organising chess tournaments, training children and young adults, and playing himself. As a polyglot, he speaks five languages. His research interest includes sports psychology and sports medicine. He is an avid reader of philosophy and world literature. 

  • Reading Age - 16 years and up


    Publisher - Clever Fox Publishing

    Language - English

    Binding - Paperback

    Book length - 158 pages

    Book dimensions - 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

    Shipping - Free all over India.

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